Why Having a Modern Home Interior Is a Good Thing

Everyone has a way of living their life. Majority of the people rely on having a great home design. A modern home interior encompasses soothing upholstery, designer curtains, textured walls, and so much more. For everyone, at some level, having a home interior is a must. The level of sophistication varies from individual to individual. Nonetheless, there is a large chunk of the population that prefer living in a mess. This is the segment of the audience for whom sophistication doesn’t matter at all. They live in a considerably messy environment and never feel inspired to make modifications to their space. Instead, they question the need of making investments in home interiors.

There is a lot that can be achieved through ideal interior designing. When everything in a house is in order, life becomes easier. It’s often very hard to keep things in place when kids are around. Many times things gets damaged or misplaced. However, in an orderly designed house, it’s comparatively easier to maintain decorum. And it’s a no brainer that since a large amount of day’s time is spent at home, for the peace of mind – it feels good to have a comforting interior.

Just like kids like to play with watercolors, as they enjoy the freedom to choose the colors of their want and paint the world of their desire – by attaining a satisfying interior design – psychological well-being can be achieved. Most of the people opt whitewash once every year so as to maintain breeziness and positive energy. Likewise, through pretty looking curtains or upholstery, an optimistic surrounding can be created. It is the yearning of every ardent traveler to maintain newness in life that compels him or her to explore new places.

Similarly, by picking the designs and colors of own liking, an individual can regulate his mood and channelize energies in the right direction. Furthermore, through a well-organized and designed interior, an individual can convey a lot about his personality. A meticulously designed house not only sets a robust image but also makes the visitor feel comfortable and sober. In asian countries, it is a trend to have guests on casual basis. Having a great home interior leaves a lasting impression.

Every well-designed house ensures that the exact needs of an individual are met. The leading upholstery fabric manufacturing companies who offer wide variety of high end fabrics that suit your needs.

How Can PAAVAA Help With Your Home Renovation Project?

Home renovation takes a lot of preparation, patience, and research to do it right. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for some pretty gnarly headaches along the way when problems start arising. But, your home deserves a renovation, so you need to find the best way to carry out your renovation project, and you need to do it on a budget. With the right preparation and PAAVAA, you can predict the time-scale and cost of the entire project. Let’s take a look at the most critical areas that face renovation on a regular basis:

Living Room

The living room is where you and your family spend the most time, which is why it is a primary consideration when doing a home refresh. Take those dark furnishings and replace them with some brighter and modern ones. Change the layout of the furniture, tear down the old wallpapers, and repaint the walls to make the room feel more open and cozy.

Add hardwood floors for a polished look, take those old carpets out, and maximize natural light by adding a mirror or translucent curtains.


In the whole renovating process, this is perhaps the most daunting and expensive task. So, before you start, make a checklist of all the things you’d like to change and calculate the costs (you can do it alone or with your plumber.) Consider adding glazed or porcelain tile floors, making a switch from only a shower to a tub-shower combo and change storage, sinks, and cabinets. Also, installing a vent is a must because you’ll need an air circulation if there’s no window in the room.


The next room you should freshen up is the kitchen. Remove the outdated wallpaper and add a tile backsplash because you can maintain it easily. Brighten it up and replace old floor tiles with new, ceramic ones. If you’re painting the walls, don’t save on cheap paint alternatives and go with high-quality, semi-gloss paint because it lasts longer and doesn’t retain moisture.

Making small improvements can make a surprisingly big difference. Replace your cupboard door knobs, or old drawer handles with new ones to complement the modern kitchen d├ęcor.


If you have a small bedroom that gives off a bit of a claustrophobic feel, you’ll have to get into the mindset of making the most out of that space. Make it comfortable and cozy with strategic styling – for extra storage space buy a divan with built-in drawers and a bed settee instead of a regular bed.

Replace large cupboards with quality shelving, add a built-in wardrobe, and add a large mirror on the wall to enhance the size of the space. This may be your DIY task for a home renovation because a bedroom doesn’t require much professional work like kitchens or bathrooms do.

Make a plan and try sticking to it, because it will help you to avoid many headaches and will transform your home into a comfortable place to live and rest. To find the best professional service providers to help you renovate your home in Edmonton, Calgary, or Toronto – download our PAAVAA app and register as a customer.

Eclectic Decor, Artistic Elements

Eclectic decor refers to a style of interior design where free spirit and the unexpected play a predominant role, bringing in the elements of different styles and vintage antiquities. Eclectic interiors and furniture picks the vivaciousness of artistic elements and period pieces, styling in the synergy of different cultures and traditions.

Breathe new life into your home with globally inspired art and vintage finds. Your living room can get a style update, with a mix of the cutting edge flat panel television accented with an old haveli door sideboard that works in negating the harmful electromagnetic radiation that emanates from all our sophisticated gadgets. The jali coffee table in sunset hues incorporates your creative element, off setting it with the luxurious plush sofa and chaise in neutral tones.

Eclectic interiors use repurposed and reclaimed woods and very mindful of earth’s limited resources, as well as are deeply nurturing. The chakra carved vintage armoire in dark wood tones or the distressed turquoise carved sunray sideboard credenza are so versatile, making an artistically unique statement. The vintage rustic cabinets add to the warmth and cohesiveness of your home interior. These pieces work well with the modernistic eclectic living room decor. Vintage rustic woods accent the modern simple lines in a beautiful artistic spirit.

Mixing colors and textures is the characteristic of eclectic home decor, so be bold and as different as you wish. Contrasting materials like rustic earthy woods and shapes like the extra long buffet credenza that plays with the wrought iron dining chairs matched to a Tree of Life custom made dining table. Showcase a global flair, shabby chic mixing with bohemian eclectic styles, the huge floor mirror made from an antique Indo Spanish arch makes your interiors look bigger and wider, adding to the wantonness and unique design of your carefully curated home.

Distinctive artistic elements come together naturally. Your bedroom is your love sanctuary, and the perfect space to showcase your passion. An underlying cohesive color theme brings the eclectic elements together. Harmony in color works with the subtle hues and carved textures of Radha Krishna carved barn doors, the intricate detailed headboard created from an antique Indian triple archway, the cusped opening are used for modern artwork in vivid colors, setting the mood and creative design to your bedroom. Add passionate art that evokes your emotions and maintains the harmonious eclectic element. Art reflects your inner spirit and unique handmade artistic creations in old world designs, bring in the sentimental values.